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Anger Therapy

Lets Stop Shouting™️ 6 week program

Breaking The Anger Cycle Self paced online

Anger Therapy

Anger Management Counselling

One To One Counselling for adults & young people. Online & in Leeds, Yorkshire

Anger Management Courses

Anger Management Online For Families

6 Week Self Paced Anger Course for Young People & Caregivers


Anger Management Courses

Anger Relaxation Online Course

6 Week The Heart Story Mindfulness & Wellbeing Program

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Who We Work With & Support

Anger Therapy

Anger Issues For Parents

Online 8 Week Group Online Program - Breaking The Anger Cycle

Anger Management Courses

Corporations & Business

Want to cultivate a calm and empowered approach in your organisation? 

Anger Therapy

Anger Skills For Schools

Let's Stop Shouting Program Brought to Schools.


Teenager Anger issues

Anger issues for young people can result to mental health issues further on in life. 

Anger Management Courses

Therapist Resources

The Angry Tent Resources

Lets Stop Shouting™ 6 week self paced online program starts September 2021

About Our Mission

Anger Management Courses

What We Do

  • We offer counselling for anger, anger management classes and anger management courses online. We also offer online anger management group therapy online.
  • Our aim is to help individuals and communities do "angry" a more helpful way and make the world a calmer space through raising awareness on the impact of anger by psycho-education.
  • One of the key objectives of The Angry Tent is to lessen the shame of "being angry" by making the subject approachable. That way more people are likely to seek the support and tools they need. Research tells us shame and embarrassment stops many people seeking support.
Anger Management Courses

Creating Social Change

  • Research shows many mood disorders are in connected to childhood trauma. As adults If we can explore and find better ways of doing angry, psycho-educate our kids to do anger a healthier way.
  • To understand it. To make peace with it. Then we have a chance of also reducing childhood trauma for our future generations. Creating intergenerational change is our aim. 
  • So if you are an individual, adult, school, workforce, child, parent or family and you think learning to deal with anger in a healthier way will benefit you, your family, your community or workspace - we would love to hear from you..